Hello, I’m Yiota.

I am not a bot, and I won’t ask you if you are one either.

I am a multimedia artist, author, a human scientist, and scholar participatory art, cultural heritage, peoples’ stories, and storytelling, audience behaviours, IxD and UX.

I have an ART - SCIENCE - TECH philosophy. I design, make, produce, and offer consultation to generate and deliver innovate ways of engaging meaningfully and interacting with stories through multisenosry and immersive experiences.

I design, make, produce, and offer consultation for the innovation of engaging ways for audiences to interact with stories, through multisensory, and immersive experiences. I produced and created such works for performances, museums, galleries, and archives; for screens, speakers, cross-reality technologies, for books and interactive reading experiences.

I work with an ART-SCI-TECH collaborative philosophy.

I recently launched a heat-sensitive and touch-sensitive paper-based book about love. To You, is an intimate reading experience that can only be read when warmed by human touch.

Past works include the design and making of an interactive dress using wearable soft technologies, that tells stories in response to tactile engagement with audiences, which was part of the wider creative project, Love Letters.

I have led, managed, coordinated, and facilitated grassroots and community participatory art projects on media, storytelling, and identity, in Italy, Cyprus, China, and the UK. I have consulted tech companies on grassroots design approaches, and I have contributed my artistic and creative vision to their product R&D, and design.

I have presented my work at international venues and events, including Bath Kids Literary Festival, Arnolfini, Performance and Live Art Platform Cyprus, Bluchip Gallery, Tate, Rome’s Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art, Tempting Failure, Latitude Festival, The Museum of Broken Relationships, Watershed.