I am an interdisciplinary academic and artist. I am a Postdoctoral Researcher for Centre for Research in Cultural and Creative Industries (CCCI) at Bath Spa University (BSU), where I also lectured across the College of Liberal Arts (CoLA). Presently, I am also Associate Lecturer in Performance at University of Bristol’s Department of Theatre. I have lectured across fields: Theatre and Performance, Geography, Creative Writing, Museum Studies, Digital Humanities, and Engineering, drawing on my academic and artistic practice-based research in performance studies and digital humanities.  I am also an artist in residence at the Pervasive Media Studio in Bristol, an Editorial assistant of The Writing Platform, and board member for Performance Studies International (PSi) sub-group, the Future Advisory Board (FAB), for which I am currently co-editing the special issue of PSi’s Global Performance Studies (GPS) journal.

My research and artistic practice combine oral history and personal narrative, curation, ubiquitous technologies, performance installation and sound art; and explore methods of exhibiting stories in settings beyond performance, breaking boundaries and hierarchies between creator, curator, writer, visitor, reader,  user, and audience (through user-curation and user-generated content). It interrogates the social, political, ethical, cultural and theoretical implications of a growing digital context, specifically exploring how narrative, in a digital world, can be engaged both spatially and temporally. Through my academic work and artistic practice, I seek ways in which technologised performances can contribute to industry innovation of emergerging technologies through studying audience-centered methodologies from performance studies to better explore the human aspects of UX in R&D.

hold a Diploma in 35mm Filmmaking from New York Film Academy, a BA (Hons) in Theatre Studies from Queen Mary University of London, an MA by Research from the University of Hull in Performances Studies; a Ph.D. from University of Bristol’s Theatre Department, and have been awarded Fellow of the Higher Education AcademyThe Ph.D., An Exhibition of Hidden Stories: Research into methods of staging oral history archives, focused on the investigation of artistic interventions in oral history collections. It developed methodologies for exhibiting/curating this type of content digitally, using practical and theoretical approaches from performance (live art and sound art), immersive technologies, and computational methodologies. It further used theory on audience participation from performance studies, to explore frameworks of user experience (UX) and interactivity in archival collections and cultural heritage settings. The method developed through the research of my MA thesis, Young Voices: An Applied Theatre Project Bridging the Gap Between Youth and Adults  –   is widely used by youth workers in North Yorkshire to support mechanisms of youth inclusion.

I write and publish about the intersections between technological interfaces ethnographic practices (oral history), psychogeography, curatorial practices, participatory media and performance works (Theatre, Performance Art and Live Art), that emerge from personal and locative personal narratives, whilst applying notions of embodiment and liveness to methods of encountering spoken histories and creative technologies. I am furthermore interested in notions and issues around performance documentation, archives, identity, ethics of representation, geographical and contested borders, female narratives of war, contested borders and artistic practices that emerge from such crisis.

I am a live art practitioner working with immersive and participatory performance, creative technologies, narrative and sound art installation, developing new ways of storytelling and experiences with narratives with and for the public. My performance work is always collaborative working with creative technologists, researchers, and practitioners from different fields; and most importantly it uses audiences’ memories as the main content of the piece presented to devise innovative interactive approaches to exhibit/curate and to engage with  personal/public oral histories in a variety of settings beyond performance.

My performance project, Love Letters invites audiences’ to delve into an installation of 350 love letters written by past audiences to their loved ones that have been collected whilst touring internationally over 6 years  at renowned events and venues (WatershedLatitude Festival, MIX, Museum of Broken Relationships, Tempting Failure, Performance and Live Art Platform, iDocs2016, Pervasive Media Studio, ArnolfiniCIPFA, Athens Biennale). Reviews of the piece have been published both online and print: Vice Live Art Almanac Vol. 4 and EXEUNT magazine . This project has been extended to 3 subprojects:  integrating wearable and digital technologies in the performance piece to enhance audience interaction; an artist book called, To You, that uses interactive ink and ubiquitous computing to explore narrative interaction; the 3rd subproject merges theory from particle physics and cosmology, with software that enables automatic text generation, and sound art. I have also shown my other artistic works and commissions at Bath Kids Literary Festival, Wickham Theatre, Bristol Old Vic, Somerset Gallery and Rome’s National Gallery of Modern ArtI am also a Performance art photographer and the initiator/artistic director of Performance & Live Art Platform Cyprus; though which I attempt to reach new audiences and create opportunities for young people working with Performance and Live Art in Cyprus.

I have been commissioned to produce numerous cross-disciplinary participatory arts projects worldwide. In May 2017, I co-produced a project in collaboration with researchers from University of Bristol and University of Rome Tor Vergata. This project fused Geography, Participatory Arts (film, performance, poetry, painting), Architecture and Policy Studies for conflict – management and interfaith, outreach and inclusion. This project was realised in Rome, where our work was exhibited at Rome’s National Gallery of Modern Art (La Galeria Nazionale D’Arte Moderna). I coordinated the creative engagement aspects of the project, commissioning a diversity of artists to work with local communities in Rome, producing with them a series of artistic workshops and a walking poetry performance, which took place in the streets of Rome.

I have furthermore worked as a freelance producer and artist commissioned for festivals such as the Children’s Bath Literature Festival; as well as this I have supported the award winning Artist, Caitlin Shepherd, with her piece Discord, exhibited at Somerset House for KCL’s event Paths to Utopia in August – September 2016. Between 2012 – 2014 I was a resident writer for the Cypriot online cultural magazine, SkalaTimes. My column was called Σκέφτομαι Τέχνη [I Think of Art], where I published weekly articles on contemporary art and philosophy, as well as performance and philosophy, alongside reviews on art and cultural events both in the UK, where I am currently based and Cyprus, where I am originally from.