Love Letters

Love Letters is a performance project in the form of an installation of letters, initially conceived by multimedia artist Yiota Demetriou.

The project combines aesthetics of performance and sound art/installation, and involves sharing private memories, exhibiting public histories, and uses audience participation and the act of storytelling.

The original form of the piece invited audience members to write anonymous love letters to a significant other using the four types of Greek love: Agape, Eros, Filia, Storge. In turn, the audience selected and read aloud other audiences’ love letters (from the bank of letters collected from each performance); they inscribed the name of the sender and the addressee on the performer’s dress and/or body and furthermore pinned the narrated letter onto the dress.  

From being re-performed, the current love letters collection holds more than 350 audience letters. Past audiences’ letters are reactivated in each performance, and new love letters are written and added to the collection.

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