To You,

How the years seem to pass us by… I often wonder if you even realise how acutely you and I altered the course of life’s most overlooked, and humiliate experiences. The unexpected encounter that rapidly changed the flow of our individual existences, without our immediate realisation. My yearning for you permeated everything around me – my writing, my sketches, my songs, my stories, my tears, my heart. We endured a parallel existence, whilst absorbed in the same geographical narrative we kept rendezvous in between different constellations of life that culminated in our own entanglement and saturation of eachother. You considered leaving by way of weighing priorities, and I considered staying after resisting for some while. Our embraces where neither situated in a place or a space, but rather occured in transitions. These were smeared with unceasingly passionate surges, and more than often, volatile outbursts of resistant attachment. In each instance ending in somewhat harrowing and woeful separations. This dynamic rapture perpetually shifted between the two of us. In each of these transitions, one implored the other to stay. In the pulling and pushing of us, caused by you, and, or I, nothing seemed more significant than to stay, for that moment at least – for even my nose wrenched in phantosmia of you.

This book was written in an urge to remember, reflect, mourn, overthink, celebrate, and seek meaning in the transparent, or otherwise irrational dynamics of human relationships, while extending the sense of self and feelings. Please treat it with the greatest of care and respect, it is fragile and alive, it feels and it breathes like any other soul.

In this book, the human hand is as important as love. The words on these pages reflect the way by which the idea of you often haunts corners of my mind, echoing the transition and ephemerality of your effect on me; revealing the diminishing value of words expressed on impulse that vanished into the aether, as they were never intended or belonged to anyone, not even to us. My writing will greet your eyes with the same sensuality as the palm of my hand once gently pressed against your face.

To You, is an interactive artist book about love that responds to the reader’s body heat, and visibly leaves temporal traces of the reader’s resonant particles (fingerprints) on its pages. Addressed, to you, the reader, it embarks on a romantic journey, sometimes happy and other times sad, presenting a series of non-linear love letters written by Yiota Demetriou. The book’s conceptual design, and familiar, yet philosophical narrative tone and structure, attempt to capture and viscerally deliver the complex systems and extraordinary consequences associated with falling in love, and how such events can retroactively change oneself.

It is in its very early stages. The prototype is electronically enhanced with a thermal control circuit to test its reaction to different temperatures.

First prints (September 2017).



First electronics (January 2018).